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Welcome to #TeamLecka

Born out of the nature-loving trail running community of Vietnam in 2020, Lecka is now fueling active consumers with healthy snacks in Asia. Our team spent a year sourcing the best Vietnamese ingredients to come up with unique, yet familiar Asian flavours. Additionally, single-use plastic packaging was a big no-no for us so we tested the most innovative eco-friendly materials that would match our vision: To do good for people & the planet!

Deliciously Nutritious Asian

We predominently use high-quality, natural ingredients from Southeast Asia. No artificial preservatives, no artificial colours, no additives. We believe such ingredients give everything one needs to live a healthy life. Whether you’re exercising, in the office, or on-the-go, Lecka is the perfect snacking partner. We are excited to bring those snacks from Vietnam to the world and share what this wonderful country has to offer.

Sustainable & Green

Lecka Bar | outdoor friendly pledge

We take sustainability very seriously! Our packaging material is 100% biodegradable & decompostes within 18 months without any eco toxicity. Additionally, we only work with suppliers in Vietnam that practice sustainable and high quality farming. Food safety is key!

Our Philosophy

All our products are designed with two key principles in mind:

1) We leverage the wide range of natural ingredients of Southeast Asia to come up with the most delicious Asian flavours - familiar, yet unique.
2) The nutrition profile of each product has to serve the purpose of each product line and offer key health benefits.

Join the movement of healthy Asian snacking.

The Nutrition Bars

The Nutrition Bars are the perfect partner for active lifestyles. Made from dried fruits, nuts and seeds, they have a well-rounded nutrition profile. All are vegan friendly, gluten free and no sugar has been added. The ingredients are sourced directly from the farms in Vietnam providing a tropical freshness unlike any other bar. All bars are wrapped in home compostable and biodegradable packaging.

Lecka Natural Energy Bar - The Lecka Way - ByNature

The Granola Bites

The new addition to the Lecka family. These Granola Bites, around 5g per Bite, are the perfect snack for any social setting. Whether it is with your friends, at work or during a family trip, these little crunchy Bites, will satisfy any craving. Made from nuts, seeds, herbs and spices, the Bites are low in sugar, high in fibre and provide a good source of protein.

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