Variety Pack - 12 Pack
Variety Pack - 12 Pack
Variety Pack - 12 Pack
Variety Pack - 12 Pack

Variety Pack - 12 Pack

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Comprising of three flavours: Mango Coconut, Tropical Fruits and Banana Cinnamon

Even better, packaged in 100% biodegradable and home compostable packaging. It has similar characteristics like plastic in terms of moisture and oxygen barrier, BUT decomposes within 12 months without leaving any toxic residuals behind - pretty cool huh. We'd like to think so!


Please store your Lecka in a cool, dry and shaded place, and avoid direct sunlight.
As soon as you have opened it, please enjoy it within one day. You don't want to have it go to waste right?


Lecka is best enjoyed before, during or after an activity, for example your evening run, after work gym session or weekend Hike. Does That Help?

Some of our customers have said that they enjoy the banana flavor when having a coffee or as an afternoon snack. We can't verify that, but it is probably true. Others really like the mango one when they are sweating hard, because it is so juicy.

IF YOU HAVE DISCOVERED your best #leckamoment, Please share with us! We are really keen to hear.


Don't eat it all in one big mouthful. Savor it bite by bite. Good things take time. And your stomach will thank you too. Share it with someone you like. Sharing is caring.

Lastly... Don't eat too many per day. It is not a product that helps you to lose weight, it is a great complement to your active lifestyle.